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Sandhills Pediatrics and Palmetto Pediatrics

Are Uniting to Form the South Carolina Pediatric Alliance

  • The premise of our new entity is to bring together high quality pediatric practices in order to gain efficiencies of scale, reduce costs, and improve care delivery and ensure even higher quality of care. Both practices will keep and operate under their current names: Sandhills Pediatrics and Palmetto Pediatrics. Each of the individual practices within the South Carolina Pediatrics Alliance will be separate "care centers." Each care center will remain independent and will have the autonomy to make day-to-day decisions affecting clinical processes, practice locations, and team members. All claims will be billed from the centralized business office (or CBO). Our mission is to preserve the integrity and independence of the practicing pediatrician by providing quality healthcare using skill, scientific knowledge, and state of the art technology to reach our goals. We will continue to be compassionate advocates for our patients and members; protecting and strengthening the continuity of pediatric healthcare delivery through collaboration with and respect for our fellow colleagues, patients, employees and industry partners.

Our Management Goals

1. Centralize the business aspects of our practices such as billing, human resource management,
IT, inventory, and purchasing in order to reduce costs;

2. Unify strategies across practices to ensure prompt and proactive responses to market changes; consolidate policies and procedures to ensure quality and consistency;

3. Utilize technology to allow the ability to tap into robust solutions for all our members.

Our Clinical Goals

1. Base all of our well check-up visits on Bright Futures protocols
2. Improve immunization rates for all of our patients
3. Improve our HEDIS scores
4. NCQA Medical Home Certification
5. Decrease hospital admissions and utilization
6. Decrease ER utilization
7. Focus on disease prevention and management for childhood obesity, asthma, diabetes, ADHD,
8. Form partnerships with insurance companies when possible to achieve our clinical goals.
9. Be the model organization for all pediatrics in South Carolina